Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.

Official History of the 304th Engineer Regiment, 79th Division, during WWI

  • It is with gratitude that I acknowledge that this book was found and downloaded from Google here
    (and is available in a variety of formats including Android/Smartphone, iPad, eReader, Web, etc.).
  • The 304th Engineers were part of the 79th Division (as was the 314th Infantry), so Major General Joseph Kuhn
    (shown on page xvi) commanded both.
  • Please take a look especially at pages 8 - 16 where the creation of the Camp Meade cantonment is discussed.
  • Page 11 shows an early 1917 topographic map of Camp Meade, earlier than the 1918 version on this website.
  • Page 12 has some interesting text about the process when men first arrived at Camp Meade
Click on the title page image below to download the complete 29 Megabyte PDF containing all 477 pages!

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