Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.


These bullet-shaped pencils were sold as souvenirs and given out as a "Thank-You" for donations to the 314th.

I learned from this site that the bullet pencil "came about during the civil war. Soldiers would stick a pencil
in the end of used rifle cartriges so the tips would not break off while the pencil was stuck in their packs."

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The oldest pencil has a slightly narrower neck, and a slightly longer top (23 mm versus 19 mm)

The oldest pencil also does not have the smaller center circle on the bottom, indicating where the primer would be.

A few have erasers, but note that these are the ones with a steel rather than brass neck.

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I believe the original pencils were round, the replacement pencils have the more modern six-sided cross-section.

(my newest acquisition, with a unique red-painted neck, the body including under the paint is brass not steel)
Here is an interesting advertisement from the 1948 Reunion Booklet, on page 42 listing the company manufacturing/selling the Pencils to the 314th:

Even earlier on the 1936 financial statement we see mention of 1,534 penciles in inventory - purchased at a cost of 10 cents each!
Pencils on the 1936 Financial Statement of the 314th Infantry Veterans

Another 314th Infantry - Log Cabin Memorial - souvenier was a Celluoid Mirror
(front shown above, reverse is the mirror)

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