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Lorraine Cross newspaper dated March 31, 1919

This web page contains the four pages of the Lorraine Cross newspaper dated March 31, 1919.
The Lorraine Cross newspaper was published by the 79th Division of the A.E.F. while in France.

The Lorraine Cross newspapers you see on this page were saved for future generations by Roy Leslie Sawin, who set all the column heads. He passed away in 1958, but fifty year later, Diane Sanborn, his Great-Niece, found the papers he had carefully saved, and took the time to scan them in for this website.

We are indebted to both of them because these newspapers are very rare
and not available anywhere else on the entire Internet.

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THE LORRAINE CROSS PUBLISHED BY THE 79TH DIVISION Volume 1 FRANCE, MARCH 31, 1919 No. 9 DIVISION WINS NINTH CORPS HORSE SHOW Distances Eighty Eighth In Big Exhibit By Fifly Points PRAISE FROM CORPS General Johnson, Dlvision Com l mender, Makes Pyblic Tom l meudation From Nlnth coup l Commander . Mauy ~::ont~st~ Provide Thrills _ The Seventy Ninth Division won the Ninth (::orps Horse Show which was held at Lerouville on Friday, March 21, being 50 points ahead o the Eighty Eighth , which took secon l place and which incidentally, los I no time in giving the Seventy Ninth a friendly boost in its nifty paper, The Camp Dodger. The total number of points scored by the Seventy Ninth w as 137. The Eighty Eighth scored 87 and the Ninth Corps entries which took third place, earned 26 points. Praise From Corps Commander The condition of the division horses was commended in the followi~g letter from the Commandin General, Ninth Corps, to the Commanding General, Seventy Ninth Division: "The Corps ( :ommander desires to convey to you, and through you to the officer and men of the Seventy Ninth Division, his appreciation 0 the excellent exhibits made by the Division at the Horse Show of the Ninth Army Corps on March 21. All entries showed evidence of the greatest interest, zeal, and industry, and they reflect cre.lit UpOli the efficiency and morale of the Division. (Signed) C. P. ~ummeral^l." The commendation was published by Brig.-~en. Evan M. Johnson, Division (commander, in daily orders last Friday. Spectators Thrilled Many of the events provided plenty of thrill for the,spectators, the mile and a quarter steeplechase for ot~icers being probably the best singl event that was run off All place in this were taken by Seventy Nintt officers Capt. Louis des B. Reese of the 31Qth Field Artillery, takin first place; Lt. C:ol. T. C. Gottsehalk of the 31 Ith Field Artillery, second and Lieut. John W. Brown, of th 310th Field Artillery, third. Bot jumping-classes brought forth goo horses, and neat horsemanship ma displayed. Seventy Ninth oll^lcers took all three places~in the officers' ~ r . ~ ~ . _ _ I _ _ A ~ _ _ _ ~ The Change of Date The dab of this week's issue of The Lorraine Moss was changed because of the division's move. Subse quen t issues will appear on Thursday, as formerly. AIMS OF LEGION ARE ANNOUNCED New Soldlers' Sociely To Incul eats Duty Ot Gi~lze^l^lship 79TH MEN PROM^INENT^I Lt. Col.~lllerPresides At Second Day^is So salon At Parls Meetly NISI Couve~tion To He Held In The Fall Objects of The American Legion, the newly formed society of Ameri l can soldier veterans of' the war, ust have been announced. Yak l og public of the society's object l comes as a sequel to a series o I eetings held recently in Paris, a l a~^inouncedin a previous issue o I this paper. Lt. Col. Thomas W. iller, division ordnance e officer layed an important part in th meetings and presided at the se end day's session. Major Barr Wright, division judge advocate became a member ot the Committe or Permanent Organization in Lh course of the ses ions. Lt. Col Stewart S. Jauney of the 313th In tantry and Ordnance Sergeant Ben Knin R. Kauffman represent th evenly Ninth on the executiv ommiLtee. - ^r^O Perpetuato Democracy The announcement from The American Legion, setting forth the reasons for its formation reads in part: ^' 'We, the members of the mill tary and naval services of the Unite~ States in the-greatwar, desirin to perpetuate the principles of' justice, freedom and democracy fo which we have foup,ht, to inculcat the duty and obligation of citizen t the state, to preserve the history an incidents oi our participation in the war and to cement the ties of comradeship formed in service, do hereby found and establish an association for the furtherance of the foregoing purposes. Ell~ible For Membership "Those eligible to memb^vershi shall be: All Slicers and enlisted personnel in the military and naval service' di the United States of America at any time during the period Class, Ll^eUI. Enables A. ragan, o^l ~~ --- ~ ~ Alar ~ ~ Ace_ -~__ the 310th Field Artillery, taking first; Limit. Brouun^s second, and Lt. Col. ~^Tr^)ttcrh:^l^lk t hirrl I^)ri vats ~,errat:~ SOLDIERS SING AS THEY START ON FIRST LONG HIKE TOWARD HOME; MOVE TO BE COMPLETED THIS WEEK ^. . ARMY TO TAKE OVER CANTEENS Welfare Groups Will Continue To Give llleals To , 8^01dier~ Otter the close of businea~ today, the 'BY" au I other ~rclfare ur^Kan^i^zati^v^u^u will cease to operate retail sales aces cies or canteens except under con lit iu ^lIS etd~wuiuanadvaucecvpyof aG H.Q. eucral orders receiver at divi~i,,n headquarters. Under the terms of t h. artier, the "Y" and other societies can continue and extend th'eir lunch ar.o restaurant services, and, in cunnectiou, en limited quaut^lties elf cigars, cigarttes, chewing guun and candy. But ! heir main eauteeu bu~3iu~ss will b taken over by the Army la all cases where the welfare organ izatiuus continue'tv cater to the palate ..f the soldiers, lists of articles whic heyare to sell, with prices, must be submitted to proper c~tur~anding Pi .,ers for approval. Prices must C011 term to those set for Bifilar articles a Quarter baster Ales shires or ca us Changes in the vicinity of the wel fare restaurant or lunch room. Under the , uruvicion~ of the order Q^l^larterrnastor sales stores and caulk Changes will be established for th.heneliit of troops. These camp es halides are authorized to give ^lu^i^lct service. Wheu quarters fur the can ee^l^ls and e~chauges cannot he had it ^I^Uy ether way, they ^luay be leased They will be in charge uf Camp excha'nge officers. C)ne of these will be Pointed by UUit couu~uander^R fv~ each town in which 'BY canteens are ,uw operating and in other placer where the ,uulicy of giving the best service to all the men ^luakes establish went of additional sales places necessary. Second Lieutenant Dana C. ~ill, at prefect in charge of the Seveuty Ninth Division Dies cou^ln~is^fiary, and COIUnauding officer of Sales Coun^Lnissary Unit No. 21 recently was appointed Division Exchange Officer. POSTOFFICE SWAMPED Soldiers Rush To Ma11 Souvenirs Belore ~tovln~ ~~VJ111 L~ V, LEVI ~ ~41~1 ~~V~7~VV~ 11, 1919 both inclusive excepting, troweler, persons leaving the service without an honorable diseh;^lr~ . For Flat Tlme h:n Hl~tor~ Of Dl~l~lo~ The Len Know They Are l~archln~ Toward The Unlted States.idle Being Shown To Or~anlzatlen~ En Boute.New Area Wlll Probably Provo loose ~ttractlvo ~ The Seventy Ninth is again on the move. For the ~Ire.ttime in its history, the division knows it is moving toward home. When the move was made into the areEt we are leaving it was not knows whether we would be put into the Army of occupation. Many thought that after two or three weeks around ~3ouilly, the division would start for Germany. All other snores even in the old Camp Meade days -were towards the front. Dow, however, the division is on the homeward trail, and knows it. The difference in direction reflected itself Friday morning. On all previous moves. there was no downheartedness, but' the men Parched quitely, with few demonstrations, for they knew what was ahead of them. On Friday, however, after the first kilometre or so had been stepped off, most of the outfitsgot singing.the old songs, like Pack Up Yosr Troubles, Keep Your Shades Down Mary Ann; Katy, and that immortal classic, written, pr^PsumabIy, by gentleman in the Navy, It's Not It he Pack That You Carry On Your Back. But they sang, and they had good reason, for.me are going home! The move started promptly Frill day morning. Before daybreak, ill . most of the towns, everything was activity; horses and mules were being cussed into harness, trucks . were snorting away in the sidestreets, and soldiers were adjusting packs and all the harness that goes with a move. Shortly after the sun . was up, the exodus took place. . The roads began to 611 with the . ong lines of hiking soldiers, and . the move was on. The old route step was got everywhere, and th eventy Ninth had started on what may be its last long hike. Three Good Ome^l^l^Y In most organizations, somebody oke up to three essential fact bout this move that made it seperte and distinct from all other oves the division has made since t has arrived in France. The first as that it wasn't Sunday. The econd was that it wasn't nighttime. he third was that it was snowing. These three things were taken s good omens; we must be going ome, because if we were going any here else, it would have been cer ain tbat they would have picked . out Sunday night, with all the pigots of heaven turned on to the ullest extent.the familiar setting . whenever the Seve^Aty Ninth had moved before. ; At the first night's stop four of . .....the organizations were treated to lid avers ~huu~a~d dollars worth ^t,f^lmqving picture shoals that had ~ ~ . . . , ~ . _ ~ . , . .. ~ . . ^. Of the 310th Field Artillery, won the or persons who, having been called bump in quota on parcels going hewn nrnv^l^l1~^fl hv l.^l^P^l^lt ^R A , enlisted men's class. Kelly, of the,i^l~to the service, retuse^(^l ^failed^j or ^rv tub states, KIWI Of the ^l^lacl~ag^l~s beAmmunition Train, again took the^lattempted t^4;h evade the full per^for ^liug eouvsn~. In 411, 94 sacks of ~ar~ Baas 4^) The day before the division pulled ut, there was a grand rush on th part of everybody to get rid up th souvenirs that had been accumula^Li^L during the three months' stay in th ouilly area. The division post.~ffic lag Oh plant . 11In~^!R^r ^I.i~^qh~ Tamer ^W,~^f~. 1 Nuns ~^4 Pew ~ ^lC8116 swam revived. Scudder, mho has charge of the division entertainment department. Four more took their turn Saturday night, four more last night, and he movies mill continue to operate until the move is completed. From all that has been heard of he new area, it is considerably to e preferred to the one we are caving. The country is more attractive in appearance, for one thing, having been farther away from the front, it does not bear so many traces Of the ravages of war. Many of the towns have not had soldiers billeted in them for some time, so that the Seventy Ninth men can expect to get a little more attention from the civilian population. Then, too, there 'are many civilians in most of the towns which means plenty of eggs, milk, .and everything. The New Station Division Headquarters will be at Reynel. The 304th Engineers headquarters will be located at Landis, the :~13th f nfantry, complele, at Lafauche, the Myth Intantry headquarters, with the Headquarters and Supply Companies, and First BaUaIion, at St. Blin; the 315th Infantry, complete, at Rimaucourt, the 316th Infantry Headquarters at Orquevaux; the 310th Field Artillery Headquarters, at Roches-sur-Regnon; the 311th Field Artillery Headquarters at Briaucourt; the 312th Yield Artillery He:^ldquarters at Bologne. The 157th Infantry Brigade Headquarters will be at Prez-sous~laFauohe; the 158th, at Orquevaux, and the 154th Artillery Brigade at Signeville. ~ ~ Pit, ' .. . ^- : l : ~ EDITOR^!AL STAFF JAMES id. CAIN, Private, Editor GILBERT MALCOLM, Private, Shorting Editor DONkLD CRONIN, Pvt., Circulation tanager. HAIRILY F. HOSSAC1~, Sgt. Ir,t Class, Business Manager Collot Press, Barle-Duc. ti;ubt,eri^l^Jtiou rate: Twu francs for two mouth. No subsc~. iptiuns will be accepted fur mote than two months. THE ROAD REPAIR Two weeks ago, when themen of the Seve~ty Ninth were set to work at road repair, the roads of the division were in very bad shape. The hard use to which they have been subjected since we have been in this area was not alone to blame for this; the years of war had knocked the bottom out of most of the main roads, and the result Yeas a lot of bad ruts and holes. Now, as a result of the work that is being done upon them, the roads are rapidly getting into some kind of shape. Places that were formerly nothing but ruts are now covered with limestone, and the raw stone is Gemel ting into good macadam. - Within a short time, all the roads should be in con~ition.2 That the roads have been got into shape so quickly reflects highly to the credit of the Seventy Ninth. THOSE LIGHTS - TOMB LQRR-~-~NE BROWS, ~31£0~D~, #I?~AR~^i By, 11~18 TH E LORRAI N E CROSS Published! every Thursday by the enlisted men of the 79th Division. MONTFAUCON The Thirty Seventh Division, evidently unmindful of the error, claims credit for the capture of Montfaucon which, actually, was captured by the Sevenly Nirmth 13ivision, 'The erroneous claim appears in the history of the Thirty Seventh, a copy of which just has reached division headquarters here. A map, apparently used to show the truth of the claim, appears in the history. But, it doesn't agree, from all we can see, with the operations map which accompanies the official report of General Pershing as cabled to the Secretary of War on November 20 last. ^. It was men of the .313th Infantry, commanded by Col. Claude 13. Tweezer, who took the village on the mount in the face of grilling fire and -stiff resistance from the Germans. Other troops of this Division had a hand in the fighting incident to the capture of Monttaucon which always will stand out, in the annals oi the Seventy Ninth, as the first stiff test of its fi~,htir^lg ef~iciency. The fact remains, definitely, that the hardest sort of opposition was offered to our men up to the very last minute of the battle. No other division could have taken the town before we did. If it did, it seems impossible to account for the pre~ence, in large numbers, of Germans in the village. These Germans were organized and didn't show the least signs of having been annoyed, in any way, by American troops before our men faced them for the struggle which ended in a complete and overwhelming victory for American arms. Our ides of taking a place is handling affairs in the place alter its capture so handily that ant of our own troops following us there sure ly will meet no resistance from that point If anybody took Montfaucon before we gol there, that victor surely neglected his mop ping up and cleaning out process. We know that our friends in the Thirty Seventh have made a Rood record for them '' We are not much on the threat stuf',f. In selves in this war and, in claiming l~ontfact, Our Parents used to remark on our faucon, really believe they took it. But, entire lack of the Threatening Attitude. they didn t. We hope that they will check "isn't it remarkable" they would~verbiate, up on the records and prove, to their own "how 'little threatening the little lambkins satisfaction, the truth of our claim. ~ Yes, we lay,off the Threat Stuff whenever LETTERS TO US possible. But, if we find the Name of the Man Res- BROTHERLY TROVE ponsible for the putting out of Those Lights To the Editor: each night when we are dashing off squibs My brother is over here with an S. O. S. unit. for this here poiper, we're going to print hit name. "~hiftingthe Belt" is a favorite indoor sport every night in these parts in some shack which, to us, still remains a House of Mystery. Where is the light plant? In Brest Bar-le-Duc or Bridgeport, (.onn.? SALUTES, There is a Brown Derby, with Pink Ini^! tials, waiting in the office of this newspape~for the inventor of the brand of salute which ends, Math a flash of the hand, at the chest of the person saluting. It is a most interesting for~of greeting and is so different from what we have been made to regard as the Really Correct Thing that we would like to know- its history. In this form of greeting, the hand is snapped smartly to the visor of the cap or, if it be an Overseaser, into the eye of the personrender^Tng the courtesy. Then, with the speed of an eye-flash, the hand is lowered about five inches. What becomes of it alter that Is a mystery. We have searched all books of reference, even"LaVie Parisienne" and "bagatelle,' for the history of this form of salute but we haven't 'been able to find aline about it. Somehow or other, it seems to us wq saw this salute used at a grand maneuvre . of the Swiss Navy soff^le years ago. . __, | ATROCITIES IN VERSE ^1 WRO1 E PRIVATE LOAME ~ ' I know his address. How can 1 get in touch with him. Corporal P.. (Write him a letter..Ed.) S. O. L. To the Editor: What do the initials S. O. L. stand for? Third Lieutenant Hq. Det., 157th Inf. Brig. (You HI beSf you dbn't stop kidding. -Ed.) BOOST COLYUM Our Boost For This Week goes to the Division M. T. O. outfit. Its uservice~ to the division, anal the outfits of the division, in keeping motor transport moving and in shape have been' ii~valuable. There have been hares when everything required hasn't been forth coming but the spirit of helpfulness has been in the M. T. O. office just the same. If you've asked 'em for something and haven't it, twas because that so ,methi~^lg wasn't there. Keeping motor transportation for a division in working order all the time cannot be culled any circle job. And the hi. T. O. is working under han~icaps~which f'ew of us realize. There's a shortage of vehicles, for one thing After this, when you see a motor ~eh~-cle with the Lorraine Cross on it, latter a eve prayers for the M. T. O. He needs kind words as well as tires and spare parts. S Said Privatc Loame In a loiter home. "I'm as lonely as can be. "I'd like to see Six, Mothers Dad My nephew Paul, my co~;sin Glad, My old dog Tray, that never clad A good rinse save with me. ply old hoes Pete, w^l^lh speed so gent. My hours spent on the doping sheet. And my narrow ~ho. s that pinched my Feet. Give me civil Ills'' wrote he. Then came the announcement of the great program of sports for the A. E. F., the cutting down of drills an J the reduction in K. P. detain. Sushi, oeaucoup esprit decorum among Loamy'. fellows. Said Private Loame In a letter home. "I'm as happy as ^1:a^l^l be. "I like the old A. E. F. quite Well. ~ he time Len having is som^rthin' swell. On nay t^lme off I'm raisin' Hell. Each hour blinds joy to me. l play baseball. and football, too. lye taken a likin' to corned beet ·tew. I have no leaf of the ^Fol-darned flu. Gimr^l^le the Array" wrote he. Then the gosh-dinged little rascal wrote a po~tsc~ipt in which* he said they n ln'l hold back the transport just because he baas feelin' good. Peter, the Pernicious Poet. (Note from the Editor: in self defense, we must state this poem slipped in the paper Ruben we were out to lunch..Ed.) MY FEELINGS You hear a lot of fellows talk 'Bout what they'll do when they get back, This one says he il work no more, That he'll ne'er again go near Nat store, Where he did slave in days gone by; And it some boob would even try To give him a job that paid him well He'd tell that guy to 'go to belll" Another chap that used to be A brakeman on the Santa Fe, Says when he gets finished over here And gets back to the country where The only meaning ot a "bar" Is a place where you can buy Three Star,. Then hears a skate of La Guerre tell, He'll tell that guy to "go to hell!" A^Dd lots of other fellows ssy. When they Fet djscha~ged, they'll stay Right home, and won't even go To a play or to a movie show. - I know a chap who won't ride on a car For tear the thing will go too far; And if someone asks "Ai^l^l't France swell?" He'll ^le11 that guy to "go to hell?" But none of this sounds good to me. When I get back across the sea, Me for the biggest hotel in the land; I'll hire a bunk that's ~oft~nd grand, ^rl^l stop at the dealt, leave a call for me For abort the time we always had reveille, And when I hear that old 'phone bell "I'll tell that clerk to EGO TO HELL!" ' , S S. C. QUENT^.N ROOSEVELT Lines Written,on the Death of Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt, Killed in Action July, l^gl8. Behind the battle line, there is a mound, New made in hollowed, consecrated ground, Beneath the eagle in his glow sleeps, While round about the tide of battle sweeps, Pressed to the universal mother's breast, She soothes his sleep, untroubled is his rest Weep not for him, he freely offered, gave, His life a scourged and bleeding world to save. He found his life, on that far foreign field - Borne to his grave on his unsullied shield, Tho' brief his life in compass and in span, He lives in every life; that lives for man He Rave the world, full measure of his worth And justified his manhood, and his birth, Behind the battle line there is a mound. He made it, hollowed, consecrated ground. Theodore Draper Gottlieb, Cllpt. A. R. C. _ . . . ~ ~ ~iE~E and THERE It's muddy again. ~ Nothing strange~in that, we opine. Prohibition Dope: "Tanks at Camp Meade". l I , . Wonder if we'll know Skelly's place when we get back. ~ . We've got one thing on the Proh^gbitioniSt9. Those who put "U. S. " in the Dry Column didn't get over here. Weekly French Lesson: " Merci" is "Mairsee". Try it. The Frenchman is sure to understand you. .. French isn't so hard, after all. Just forget your "s's" and you've gone a long way. A letter from home says most of the returning soldiers in Our part of the State's are not only getting jobs but really better ones than they held when they took the Big Leap. Encouraging, we vociferate. Says Basil, the Belligerent Buck: "Cooties have helped me. in my history. studies at Lorraine Cross High School. For instance, 1 know now why Bonaparte always has his hand In the front of his shirt". r _ Buck: Are you fond of indoor sports Miss Mabel? Mabel: Yes, if they know when to go homes _ ._ Barkeep, mix us a Muffler. That one got 'em shrieking Some of us have written to the Wagoner who intimated we were in a Rest Camp when the war ended. Let's make war^ion the knockers. ' And tf^le boys in 0. D. w ho're going home and telling a lot of tales of The War They Never Saw. l Lying isn't just the thing for a soldier, is it? , ' The Seventy Ninth men in Bar-le-Duc are living up to tradition. They're making the officers' elbows ache. That s the stull! Pep. It might be said that, it an o~licer's elbow aches, he has an efficient outfit. Get Us? OP is it the shoulder which gets most of the ache? The Lorrainc Cross, of emblem, stands for Triumph. It-also stands for Pep and Snap. ~ ^, Keep lip the Goo^a Work. ^. ^. Someone Wants to Know whence came the habit of putting the burnt ones back in the box ^" We first saw it done in McAllen, Texas, in 1916. In those days, one match stick in a company street meant special police for the company. ^. . Among the Things we couldn't do then: Go within twenty feet of an officer's latrine. ' 7 Take a stroll in Officers Row. . ~ We got Ought in an o 1. one day. , ~ ~ . --^1^l^1^1'~1'~ ~ 'I ~ ~ well vat e rer~nber the. occasion Cowl DOE :~ORRAI~E CROSS, MONDAY, HARM 3, Bib ^, be if are Work in Division Has . 1 7 9 T H PICTURES Reached Higher Of f ic^lency a R E AV A I L A B L E vice Being Giuen Men by the Y; M. C. A,. Red Cross. an l Salvation-Army Greater Than Ever Before.Scope ~ ^, of Activities Sho-wn By Statistics of Organizations The Welfare work fur the man of ' ' ' ' ' ~ ' division being don~-by the Eked ss, Y. M. C. A., and the Salvatiun my is ~^low,greater than at ally time ce the Seventy Nirtth has been jD ance. he Y. M. C - A. now hasp stations the ~iivision, and the personnel opatiug then nun her 4t., of which 24 e n eu and 22 are women. The iuased ,uersonoel of the "Y" n ake po^fi~ib!e for mu h ruure work to be one. As a result of the transfers ilUedia~ely f~,ll^twiu^F the armistice, the rst,nuei of the 'BY'' was at u^4e time uced to as few as 1~ for the divion. Wi^lh ^I^l^lore than twice that many Irking nubs, much more service can given the inert than furruerly. The ures on the amount of business dune '~he cauteeus of the ~ Y' tell the u e story. In August, 215 sacs worth of nnerchandi.^qe was sold; September ~~;0,t^lU~I; in October, ,u(Ju; in Nuvember, 288,UUU; in December, 106,000, plus 44,uOO: francs orth ^tf Christmas goods distributed ee of charge: in January, 20* ,OUu; in February, 4Y~,uoU, plug 20,uuo francs urth of cocoa, cakes, cigarettes, elc., ^Ftribu~ed free; iu March, it is e~ti~ed that the a^luount will run to U Oust francs, with 4U,U~O fraUCfi ^Jrth of u erchaudise distributed free. Best Servlce Promised In addition to the greatly increased ^Dteen service, the "Y" is pruvidiu great stock of athletic supplies,. eyeballs, basketballs, gloves, bats . axing gloves, etc.,.many of ^Ih nsical ins~rurneut^fi use^t^l in she divi- . on's shows, and moving pictures . Renting on the "Y'fi" activities, r, C^har^le^fi ... Muure, divisional ^Rec^lary, said: ' We are sparing no efr~ to give the men the greatest pus ble a~nouut of service. Alter the ari^Ptice we were hampered by lack of r^Yonnel; during Decernber-and Janry trauspurtatiun and the uncertainuf the plans for the division made difficult fur either to keep on baud to move large quantities of sup^l~liec. , w, however, thh^lgs are guiug rn~,r s^tnvu~hly, and I can assure the men of the Unevenly Ninth that they are going to get as good service as any division over here, nu Statler where it la local cd". Between January I and Februa il. the Red CrOBS distributed 1,625,000 cigarettes 0,1 6u- cans of ja^ln, ~~,~1~0 bars of ehoeolate, 3,1;0^(^) tuothbrushes, and a large quantity of shaviug suave, shaving brushes, mufflers, wristlet^R, helmets, sheets, blankets, wean ^ls towels and pajamas, IS sets f bu~i^l^l^F gloves, 50 fuutbill and 'bug sets uf chess and checkers. There was also a ~ii~^lributiun of 3,50 new^Rapers-daily, and 3,50() magazine u^lonthly. This work IS nuder the directiuu Of Ca~uta;n~Williau^l H. Bri~-kel. Red Cross Home Servlce The Red Cross Hume Service, couducted under Ca^l^ltaiu Theodore Draper Gottlieb, has accomplished much since it has been in operation. Between U arch 7 and March 17, 95 letters were written fur soldiers desiring hell) of ariou^fi sorts; 84 cards to the Paris Red Cruss Headquarter^fi asking for infurmati,~n for Seventy Niuth men; advice uf~dif~ereut sorts was given to 65 tnen, and ~(~ inquiries from the Uuited states about uneu ill this division were looked into and answered. Since March 1~, 21i1 cards have been Pent to Pari^F ^ttetLiug information for meu iu the division. The Salvation Arrny has but one hut in the division, located near Division Eeadquarter^fi at S,uilly, but has ^I^Jlugged along with this hut and is giving splen^llid service to the men around headquarters. The canteen did a busiue^$s of 34 2u4 francs in thela~t month, $elliuy candy, a large sup^l,ly of oranges, cake, Jam, sardines handkerchi~f^F, razur-blades, etc. In addition, there was distributed free 2,U~. CUp8 of coccal 4,0uO doughnuts, 3~ flies, 6uO pieces of home made fudge, and a great deal of stationary. T^fiis work is being conducted under Euclid Gertrude ~y^lnmonds and Captain Agnes Russell. :ATCHES LINER BY FEW HOURS t. Col. De Lamater, Formerly ~-1, Goes Home Wlth 27th Divlsion After a flying trip across France in ne of the big headquarters Cadillacs, t. Cal. W. A. De Lamater, formerly ivisiunal G-1, made the boat that as to take him back to the United tales by a few hours. Col. De Lamater was rejoining his Id division, the Twenty Seventh, hich was due to sail on March 11. e go t a late start, leaving the division ead~^luarters at Suuilly on Saturday, arch 8 in c.,m^l~any with Capt. Gina ent A Carrull, assistant G-E ~~agner Charles H. Smith, uf~eadqu~arters ruop, was driving. The race across France began, and either tires, gas, Our ^Jauv~b^lng else as Flared lo get to Brest before the we uty Seven h shun d pull o^l^lt. outlay eveuiu,e the party arrived: the eat was still ~here, sheds was Paved. _arly T^l^lesday morning the ship clear, ~d, and the ~;ulunel~ baggage, ~^qbi~ ad been fulluwi~ aiVDg ~~ truck, eras left behind. Members of Division Can Orde War ^l~hoto^5^1raphs Sent to Their Monies ~ . 1' F1FTEEN CENTS APIECE Collection on Exhibltion in a Album lo Olfl^Ge of l~ivisio Adjutant. Boon ltlay be Sen to Outfits Oflicers and men of the Sevens Ninth who desire to collect photo wraiths showing the progress of th division from the6rst days in Frauc to the last days of fighting, can ge theta. An extensive collection uf 79t war hotogra~,h~ is on exhibition in a album in the office of the Divisiun A jutant. Each photograph bears a identification Dumber and a title. How lo Get Them 79TH INVENTORS HERE S A CHANCE Let Unole. Sam Know if You Have Any ^, The Chiqf Ord^Da^Dce Offieer^s h.E. F., in a recent letter received at division headquarters, arks that officers and een who have ideas for inventions which Uncle Sam could use, cummunicate at once with the Ofl~^lce of the Chief Ordnance Officcr. The letter reads: "All officers, enlisted men and en~ployees of the A. E. F., who bay made valuable inventions in the. Iiu of duly, are requested to irnu~cdia^lely notify the Office of the Chief Ordnauce Officer uf that.lact by telegram. ..r.~ ^qnQ~r t.~ ~11^( h ^leleeranu. the · Subscription Time Shortened Hereafter, The Lorraine Cross will accept subscriptions for only two months in advance. We've been praying the division may start home in that time, and as we have beaueoup faith in our prayers we're getting ready for-the final extra. If the division is still over here after two months, we'll continue to run, and we may run after we get back to the States, but we've not booking anything in advance. Incidentally, we want your subscription, even if it is only for two months. . MAIL HERE FOR WAGONER GRAY In connection with the sale of wa pictures, the Special Serviee Section Photugra^l^Jhic Section, Signal Curps, recently made the Eolluwing announcernent "Photographs desired for personal or private use and taken by the Phutugraphic Section^j Signal Corys, may . be ubtaiued~ by application to the Phuographie Section, Signal Chirps 17. S. Army, Washington, D. C. The later report of price,.f such prints is fiftee (1 SO cents each, aud rennittances shouh be ^luade by muuey order payable t f he Photographic ~iectiuu, Signal Corps U. S. Artery Wa~liingto^D, D. (;. I ach qase the A. E. F. file DU~n}~Pr, together with t^1tle or captive, of th hon.gr:~ph ~h..uld be qm,te~l. "The Historical Officer of each is/a Service, Divisiou, Corps and Art^l^ly ha been issued an albun^1 and copies uf all photographs pertaining to that orgaui zati^Ou or UDit, together with the file numbers and titles or captions". To Be Sent lIome Further infvr^luation concerning the Inure is to the effect that those selliD~ at fifteen cents will be, ill size, 6-1-2 by 8-1-2 inches. Various plans for the circulation of the d^lvisiu^L^l pic~ure album tu the various UDitS are being considered at the office of the Hi vision Adjutant An^1^loun^G^Pmen^l of th . a. . . .. .... . ~ . method selec^te^i^l will come lo the ^i^ie:^qr v . . ~~rq~ An, ~~ ~~ Afu~ure. Previous annu^u^D^ce^lne^ut reCarding war photos staled all picture rdered would only be cent to addre^R coo in the United States It is ^1^3ra sumed this rule still holds. CARTOONISTS!! TENTION! HIST! Send in Your DrawinSIs and Get Them Included in the A. E. F. Archives NAMES TO BE USED Division lIas Lady Gifted CartOOI~iStS, Whose Work is Want- . ad for l'reservtation.Commanders to Collect Plctures :~16th Sian Ollers a Few Facts For Eis P~rn^F;nl Men in The outfits of this division ar ettin,e the^lnselves usably to the rack of Jutting Wagoner William M. Gray, a Twenty-Niuth Division man, straight ^)u his war facts cuncer^l^li^L^Ig the Seve^Dty Ninth. Wagoner Gra^sr, in a letter reeeutly ^Duh^lished in the Overseas Edition of The l~alt.imore Sun, intimated he Seveuty Ninth was in a rest cam hell the war ended. The letter ^l~rinte~i bet we written by Private (first class) W. B. Fisher, Company C, 31G^lh I^I^lfan^lry, is addressed to Gray. "In reply to your letter appearing in the (overseas Volitions of the Bal~irn.~r~; Sun recently' writes l'isher. ' I au, ery sorry to state that your knowledge of the achievements made by the seventy Ninth Division in this Lurid s War is very li^Lnit~d. "Baltimore's Own" "I has e never known that the 79th Division was called "Baltimore's Own" as :~ whole, but do know that the 3 i lath Infantry, one of our esteemed regi~uents, has this reputation and, in my estimation, Balti^lnure should be prou of theun upon their heroic and u^Dtirin fights ng done in Turing Montfaucon. ' 'This regiment", Private Fisber goes on, "does not receive all the ~^r^A1it Of our divisi~n's fighting as wa This division has a great many wo~derful cartoonists in its ranks. Future ~Bub" 13dgrens and ·'Tads' andWall~rens by the hundreds are included in the outfits which go to make UD the Seventh Ninth. In fact there would be no trouble at all in forming special Platoon~ Of Cartoonists. Yes, and if ^fiomeone stood in the center of anv French village occupied by Seventy Ninth men and yelled "All vou cart Holists front and eentah, harch' there would be a terrific rush. The above hasheesh because of the eluw. ~ "An e^l Worthy being made," reads a scent division daily order, "to gather p and compile in one volume all unopyrighted cartoons, comic Fketches, comic maps and other material of a imilar nature which have been drawn y the men of the A. E. F. "In order that this Division will be ell represented in this publication, it s requested that all drawings of the hove nature be collected by the Comzany Commanders in their re~pective oits and forwarded to Division Headuarters, G-2 office, by today for ^Dcorporation in the volume. Credit or the material will be given in each ase. The contents of this paragraph will be made known to all members of the command''. D. C. NEEDS PHOTOGRAPHERS Camera Experts Required by Army Crlme Detection Service Did you ever hear of the Division of riuninal In~stigation of the Provost al arch al Gea oral' De pertinent? Ned . ~ Well, they work ^I^D;~h^tY quietly And proven in black and white In the New they've done a great deal to round up the jailbirds and crooks generally who, under the clunk of the O. D, try to ply their civil life professions while waiti ug fur chips to take theun home. '^rhe Fisher Priut and Phutographic Depart^lneut of the D. C. I. is urgently i^li peed of skilled photographers, it was announced recently in Orders No. 103, 79th Divisivn. Officers or enlisted men who possess the necessary quali fica~iun^P for a job with the crime investi~atiu~ division and who wish to transfer to the Provost Marshal General's Departmeut and remain indefinitely in Europe, will submit applications t-hiu headquarters, Seventy Ninth Division. Applications must be in not later theta six o'clock tomorrow night. ^1 88TH SHOW PLEASES POLIO TEAM PLANNED ^. I Call Sent O u I For Players lo Form ream Arrangements are being mad by (:apt. Eduin W. Jordan, divi sion athletic officer, for the divisio polo team which has been unde consideration for some time. Pol players are requested to send thei n~m~oc in t^t^l (ant. Jordan by nex war highly praised for its w.,n^l1erfu fighting done in capturing Hill 378 one of the strangest positions on th Reuse Rectum and, by the way, thi was done during the last minutes u the war. flour division was Dot in any ret; e.ansp when the armistice was signed We were located at Etraye and, in m estimation, that was uo rest camp. "After Cur divi^ciu^l^l went into action on the 26^/h of September, it was D rest camp fur UF, but continual fighlin until the en 1." We join with Privale Fisher in stat iDg that, to our knowledge, nobod ever called the Seventy Ninth Divisio ·'Baltimore's OWD". That name ha been borne, from the start, by th 313th Infantry. And the name i eserved. r ' The letter has been forwarded t Thursday, together with a state- The Balti^luore Sun. ment of the experience they have ,~ ~ . ~ ~ had at the game. When some- ~ . ^. iuveut~,r will be supplied with f ruts thinly is known as to the available A ~~ r^T^l^D A TACT D A ~Tt~TTT''r ^Upu^l^l which to make detailed report uf~per^sor^l^l^lel it is expected that the his iu~euti^(^ln, whether or not a~plica-jtea n will r.api^ll y be got together. time for patent thereon has been ~^ua^de,^1 Tl^le Seve^t^lty Nittth took all the aud will be advised as to further nerve at the Ninlh Garlic Horse procedure. . ' The telegram Hotel be adhered as follows: ORDN~NOE, TOILERS". Show for polo priest so that plenty of good animals are probably a~ail ~lVl. ~ ~~ ~ LO ~~ ~ v ~ _ ~ . · ^. A party of oldsters and enlisted men 0 the 304th ,Arhmunition Train blew them Selves to a big banquet in Souilly on SatU day nights liarch 15. The arrange emend were under Sergeant~-Majo~ Gallagher 4:1'Reil4~, and Cook. Dod^S^Iers Win Plenty of Plaudits From Sevrnty Nigglers The Show of the :151st Infantry, the 88th Division, which has een playing on the Seventy Ninth ircuit is going strong, and the entiment in the ~livisior~ wih doubtess be to retain the show as long as pns~ible. Everywhere the Dodgers have played, they have been . received with much e^l^lthusi~sm. art, EKE ~O,R~IN~ ROW., ~~, ~~, Lola ., . . .~ ^, 316TH INFANTRY WINS FIELD AND TRACK MEET IN SAWMILL' . ~ . ~ , . I CROWD TURNS OUT FOR FIELD AND TRACK MEET ^. Bad Day Doe& Not Kill Interest In Runnin^S^I At Souilly 316TH IS WINNER Muddy Field Pievents Fast Time But Does Not luterf~re Witl Warmly Co^l^lte~ted leaner.lug ol-War Goes To The 31111 lileld Artillery A large crowdwason hand when the division field and track meet was hell last Wednesday in Svuilly. Althougl the move of the division was only two days away this did not affect the number of entries, nor the interns the ¢neu felt in thc^l^l^l. The meet wa wonb,y the ~1Btk~ufantry, with a tota of 3~1-2 points. Some Heaver Going The muddy and slippery field triads against fast tiune, as did the fact tha everybvd,y was required to run it hobnails and O. D.'s,but in spite o this there were some closely contester races. Lieut. Britt, of Headquarter Troop, displayed splendid form in th mile and half mile, and some hart sprinting cane off in the hundred Jar dash. Wagoner Harold B. Lever, 0 the 304th Sanitary Train, formerly a Mercersburg il)-tlat man, beat Lieut, S;tduey Gould, a Yale sLar, by about Six inches. The 88U-yard relay race went to the 316th lufantr^Y; the mil relay to the 313th, and the medley race to the 314th. Much interest centered around thc Tug-of-War, which was finally taken by the 31 Ith Field Artillery. What Bappened The winners of the various events are as fulIuws; 100 yd. Dash, Time 13.2..I st, Lever, 30 San. ln.; 2nd, Lt. Gould, 310 F. A., 3rd Sc^hmack, 314 loft. Co. H. 2820 ~i. dash, Time 29.4. -let, Cramer, 310 lnt:; 2nd, Bayler, 316 Iuf., 3rd, Schaf, 440 vd. Dash, Time l.25..lot, Pershin^r, 314 Ink., Co. L; 2nd, Leary, 313 Inf., Co.K; 3rd, Cullen, Hq. Troop. 880 yd. Run, Time 3.5.1st, 2nd Lt. Briton, Hq. Troop; 2nd, Thomas, 316'1nf. 3rd, Mitchell, 316 Inf. 1 Mile Run, Time 7.6.1~t,2nd Lt. Britz Hq. Troop; 2nd, Henry, 314 Inf., Co. L 3rd, Kahley, 312 M. G. Bn. Marathon; 8 M^lles, 53 ·uin..1st, Rabin witz, 315 Inf; Sod, Lahart, 316 Inf.; 3rd , Patterson, 315 Inf. 120 yd. High Hurdles, Time 22.3.1st, Boston, 313 Int., Co. MG.; 2nd, Guest, 31 l Inf. Co. E; 3rd, Baduph, 316 Inf. Running High Jump, 4 ft 1.1st, Meyer, 314 Inf. Co. F; Bud, Kleinfelter, 316 Inf; 3rd, Boston, 313 Inf. Running Broad Jump, 13 it 3 - 1st, Lever, 304 gsn. Tn.; 2^l^ld, G^l^dy, 311 F. A.; 3rd, Quine, 313 In. Standing Broad Jump, 8 ft. 5.Use, Fitch, Sa,n. Tn.; 2nd, Albert, 315 Inf.; 3rd, Bishop, 314 Inf. Running Hop, Step and Jump, 29 ft 10. let, Kearney, 311 F. A.; 2nd, Johnsor 91t. Inf.; 3rd, Hassler, 3161nf. 880 yd. Relay (4 men), Time 2.26. 31B Inf.; ens, 314 Inf.; 3rd, 313 lnl. One Mile Relay, (4 men), Time,6.4.181 313 Inf.; 2nd, 314 Inf., 3rd, 3t6 lof. Medley Race.At, 3141nf.;2nd,3131nt 3rd, 316 Inf. Tricot War.1st, 311 F. A.;2nd, 313 In£ 3rd, 316 Inf. Total Points: 316 Inf., 30 1-2; 314 Inf. 3Q; 313 Int., 22 1-2; 304 San. Tn., 15 . 31 F. IL. 13; Hq. Troop, be 1-2; 315 Inf., 310 Fit A., 3; 313 Y. G. Bn. BOXERS STILL ON WARPATH . . Our Pug Clean Up Oppanents In Weekly Bouts lit ~ Paris . Some more successes were hung on He 79th's boxing belt when the di~i~idn's mitt men cleaned up their op^?onents in the weekly K. ^Iof C:. show at theNouveau-Cirque on Friday night. strung string arrayed against the 7Yth aggregation in view of the record already made.but it wasn't strung enuugh. In the feature bout, Willie Ritchie was given the decision over Marcel Denis, a popular Freoch boxer. Euslathe, the ex-welter weight cha~npi~,u ,f Frahce, was licked by Hiukle. Joe UcGurk forced a Frenchman, Servaiu, to throw Up his hands in the second ruuud. Kuch also did sums battering and defeated Fur&b. Joe Ferguson won on points fro^En a Belgian gamed Maertens, while Cavauaugh defeated Alec Pipo, an Italian. Duudee was given. the decision ove Marecuurt, ol France and Revoire wu from Lefevre. Two other Seventy Niners rough draws. Joe Gavin and Glaise, u France, we,^lt four rounds with ^Ih score even, while Moure and Bailly a Frenchman, heard the judges cat their war a draw. COMPANY C WlNS 315th Teams Gross Bats lo (~h~nmnnt . 1 ~ 1 1 | Company C of the 315th Infantry opened its season at ~haumout-sur ire last Sunday with a win ove Headquarters Ago Laud of the saint regiment, by a score of 6-3. That Fame was fa t a^l^ld soa^l~;,y all the wad hruugh. Great rivalry existed be Iweeu the two teams and the rooters turned out in full bloom. Headquar ers got an early start, scoring three . rune in the second inning, but ~eineke I, C company's star twirler, pulled f himself together and pitched great ball . fanning t4 men. Fox, Headquarters, i, started well but could not last. The L "C"boys chased him to the showers in the seventh with timely hitting t. The feature of the game was the hitting . of Gardner. ~ AIMS OF LEGION (Concluded From Page Oue) mance of such service." Combat divisions of the A. E. F. and sections of the S. O. S. were represented at the Paris meetings nd allco^lnmitees were of of ~icersand enlisted men. The Executive ~:ommittee was selected to build up the organization in cooperation with a committee for the soldiers who served in the United States. It is pro posed to hold a convention of dele pates from all states next fall. The Executive Committee will have charge of arrangements for this conmention and of the stimulation of interestin the new organization on the part of oftig^ers and men. The delegates to lad big covention, at hich as permanent or~anizatio will be formed, will he selected ext summer or fall at county an tats conventions called for the Me ' . CHALLENGES ALL it. E. F. BOXERS lDlvision Athletic Officer Wants Seventy Ninth Team To Meet All Comers ^, ^. EIGHT-MAKING DEAL OFF Tbree Of Division Team lIave Not Had The Chance To Compete In Second Army Championships.A Technicality Bars Them A sweeping challenge to any set ol buyers in the A. E. F. has just been issued by Cayt. Edwin W. Jurdau^l divisional athletic officer, to unset the Seventy Ninth teau^l. Capt. Jurdan's challenge comes be ,ause of the fact that the arrangement whereby three Unevenly Niuth Zeus avanaugh, Ri~chie, and Revoire, were :o have auuther week, to make tbejr weight in the cuuupe^Lition for the Sec~nd Truly leak, has been called off These three ~en, therefore, the best :he division has in their respective weights, will not have a chance to show whether they are better than the men who were awarded places en the ~ec ond Aruba tea^Lu.and none of the thre has yet had a glove on in the eli^luina tion. ~ Ilere Technicality "It is u~fortuuate," said Capt. Jot an, in cv~n~e^l^lting on his challenge Chat three Of our best men are out chance for the Second Army team o what almost amounts to a technicality without even having fought. We can not cornp~aia of unfairness; it was u to us to ^luake the weight, and if th arrangement by which we were to Fe auu^lher week proved iu^l^l~racticahl~ that is our ^luislortuao. But all th same, if we had known on the firs da~that we w ~ul~l'get no extra tiu^le we could have sweated the ^I^l^len duw^l in tiu^le fur the second day's fighting and probably landed them oa the teau Co Get '~m ' In consequence at this situativ,u,: am issuing a challenge to any set o boxers, Secvnd Arru^sr, or of any other ,rga^[^lization, to meet our ~en. I fee hat We owe it to (he men of the divi sign, wvhv have followed the bonfire team with 80 much interest, and to the boxers ~he^lncelves, to leave nothing undone to give the team the chance tc show what I anti everybody else firm Iy believes is JO it. In lither words, while we ^luay not be able to laud ou^l ^inen on the Seconds Army tear, we call give the^tn the chance to lick the duel that are on it." ._ CO. G. 315TH, HAS LEAGUE . ~ The baseball lei^Fus that has been started in CIJ~UI any G, :~^l^ei~h Iutaotr~, by Lieut. Ralph G. Eiller, at present company c-u^lu^l^l^la^l^lder, has stirred up quile a lot of interest. There are five teams: the first and second platoons, the sergeants, corporals, and company headquarters. Eleven games have been played, the corporals having . ome ^Ihr.^Jogh so far with a clean Plate The ~^i~audiug of the league is as full.,w~: STEAM W A P. C. Corporals - - - 2 tin 1.OOu HI ~dqu~rter~ I ~ ,500 At Platoons -, 1 ~ ·~00 2nd Pintos - - 1 ~ .SQ^o ergoant~- - - O 2 ~.000 DIVISION WINS HORSE SHOW Continued From Page 1 roix de Rubber for winning the . O. L. Glass. The list of Winners fromthe Seven y Ninth Division follows: A. E. E. GROUP, CLASS 1. (Four line teams hitched to tour wheel vehicles, not of the limber type, and driven from the box.) Third.Driver Guckin, 316th Inf., ^. Supply Co. GLASS 2. (Two line teams hitched to four-vvheel vehicles, not of .the limber type, and driven Irom the box.) Third.Driver Web^Hter, 304thSan. Train. ~ - CLASS 5 (Two line carts of all types.) Second.Lhiver lames P. Gorman, Baty. "E" 311th F. A. CLASS 6. (One line carts at all types.) First.Driver Friel, Supply Co., 315th Inf. CLASS 7. (M. G. Carts, M G. Ammunittqn carts, and 37~ 14. 1I. Carts.) Third Sgt. Forsyth, 314th Inf., Hq. Co. ^, CLASS 8. Artillery teams either gun or limber and cai~,son.J First.Sgt. Brondis t a n d'cre w ) Bty "F '310th F. A. Second.get. Wildski (and crew) Bty. "A" 311th F. A. CLASS 9. (Saddle animals, enlisted men.) First.Rider Cronin, 79th Co. M. P. Second.Rider Blown, Co. "G", Ammunition Train. CLASS 10. (Saddle Animals, officers 2 entries only. First.Col. Charles G. Mortimer, 311th F. A. . CLASS 11. (Booby Class.) No Ants given fur this class. Third.Driver Kelly, 304th Ammunition Train. ARMY GROUP. CLASS 1. (a) (Individual types, Heavy draft horses.) Second.Pvt. Bradley, 3tl^ith F. A. (b) (Light draft horses.) Second.O Leary,315th Supply Co. Third.Pvt. O'Keefe, Co. "C", ;~11th 1!1. G. Bn. (c) (^Wl~eel.Mules.j Second.Pvt. Pickle, 310th F. 4., Bty. "F". ·(d) (Lead Mules.) First-- Pvt. Smea Oman 313th Inf. Supply Co. (e) (Pack lobules.) First.Pvt. Maurer, 313th Inf. Supply Co. Third.Corp. Sheelhammer, SupIy ho., 316th lnf. CLASS 2. Quarter Milef^Sat r^ace.'E nistedmen. Catch weights.) Second.Pvt. Turlington, 310th F. A. Third.Pvt. Jones, Bty. "D' ,.311th F. A. CLASS 3. (Mounts, Enlisted men.) Second.Pvt. Stocker, Hqrs. Co., 311th E. A. CLAUSE 4. (~7 MM. Gun Squad.) First.Sgt McLaughlin(and crew) Hq 315th Inf. Second.Set Hovrells (and crew) · 314th Int. CLASS 5. (Quarter Mile mule race. Enlisted men.) Second.J. M. Spain, 311th M. G. Bn. CLASS 6. (Machine Gun Squad. Two entries from each Division.) First.Sgt. Golder (and cre~v)315th Inf. M. G. Go. Third-Corp. llitcbie (and crew) 31bth Int. ^3~. G. Co. CLASS 7. (Half Mile flat race-Officers.) First.Capt. Hans H. Larsen, 310th F. A. Second.Capt. George A. Mount, 310th F. A l Third.Lieut. lob n D. Newbol (1, Jr., · 3,0th F. 9. CLASS, 8. GO M. M. Guns.) Second.Sgn W^ldlsh (and crew) Bty. "A" 311th F. A. CLAS8 a. amounts, hea^Y,^Y charger. . Officers. E~unhmI~ad. Second.Col. Charles G. Mortime 311th F. A. Third.Lieut. Jo h n W. B ro w 310th F. A. CLASS ~ (Mound, light charger. O dicers.- Entries, unlimite First.Lt. Gol. Tom. Gottschal 311th Fir A. Second.Lieut. John W. Brown 310th F. A. Thud.Lieut. James W. Kenne 310th F. A. CLASS 11. (Jumping. Enlisted men. First.Pvt.Cerrata,Bty."F ,310, CLASS 1~. (Jumping. Officers. En trier unlimited.) First.1st. Lt. has.A. Fa an,Jr. ,~ ;Ist. Lt. A. Second.Lieut. John W. Brovvn 310th F. A. Th^lrd-Lt. Col. T. G. Gottscbalk 3i1th F. A. , CLASS 13. Polo Clas^i. Officers.) First Rapt. Hans M. Larson, g1 Second.Col. Charles G. l Iortimer 311th F. A. Third.Lieut. Walter D. Hi Its 311th a'. A. CLASS 14. ^(SpecialC!ass oneand quar er mile steeplechase race - Officers.) First.Capt. Louis des B. Reese 310th F. A. Second.Lt. Col.~T. G. Gottrchal Fifth F. A. I bird.Lieut. John W. Brown 310th F. A. 2. The following gives the events won the Divisiou and Corps. ^i~t. 2nd. 3rd. Poi 79th Division 14 18 13 13 Beth Division 10 8 13 8 12~ Corps 4 2 0 26 First place counted five points, see place, thee points, and third place, one poi . _ AREA IS LEFT IN GOOD SHAP: G-l Declares Division Made Illa Improvements Around Soulll^y .. The Seventy Ninth may be proud be c ^)uditiuu in which it IS leaving t ,Id area, according to Major Willia J. Calvort, divisional G-1. Tithe division has made many it proveruer3ts in the area since it h been located here," said Major Calver 'Since we took over the area, 7$ ne barrack have beeu erected, aud all 3 hem are decent, co^luf cartable ~yuarle fur truups. 1 he 30', th Engineers co structed at PierreGtte the unust cu . Abate ^1,laut fur dtppi[tg purses with t mange Ihat has been made iu Frauc Theu there is the work that has bee done on the roads. '~When the division came to th area: the roads were getting ha mainly on' account of the ha^lnmeri they had received from nearly G years of war. Whelp the thaw caune few weeks ago, hales and ball ruts b Ban to show; which ~ made bad goin for all kinds of motor traffic. Th division got to work, and while th roads are not in perfect condition ye they are ^3St for use, and much bette than they were. 'Ned, finally, there is the genera cleanliness in which the area will h left. There are sanitary latrines ever where, most or which we have buil ourselves. All the towns have bee cleaned up It has not been the hah; of the Seventy Nintb lo leave au are its , poor c^l^luditi~^lr^l, and I think we tea scat satisfied that the area we a Fading is in much ^l^)etter conditio now than when eve took it uvot."

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