Log Cabin Memorial - Veterans 314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F.

124 page book: History of the 316th Regiment of Infantry in the World War, 1918 (1919)

by Carl Edward Glock

Please note that this is NOT about the 314th Infantry, but instead the 316th Infantry,
both Regiments were part of the 79th Division, and trained at Camp Meade, and fought in France

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On the shell-torn slopes of the Borne de Cornouiller -- amid the ghostly ruins of the Bois de Beuge beyond towering Montfaucon --
in the toilsome marches of weary nights through the black wreckage of a devastated France --
there is written the real history of the 316th Infantry Regiment. The Meuse and the Argonne spell its glory.
The roll of its dead and maimed proclaims the measure of its sacrifice. The ordeals of their living comrades attest its devotion.
The sum of their efforts is inscribed in the annals of victory --- a page in the immortal book of the American Expeditionary Forces.
No thought of self-emulation inspires the record here set forth. It is a plain narrative of one American regiment -- its trials and triumphs.


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