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First NameMiddleLast nameCompanyNotes
Charles C Nadeau E  
Edward M Nadeau C  
Edwin B Nagel, Jr. I  
Wass   Nahorny K  
George J Nalley F  
Stanford   Nantais I  
John   Nardone L  
Patrick J Naughton A  
Clair L Naugle K  
Thomas B Neal HQ  
George F Nealon HQ  
Charles W Neeld, Jr. L  
Lynnford R Neely D  
George C Neeman D  
Foster E Neff SP  
Harry L Neff G  
George F Neidig I  
Harry V Neild F  
John   Neill A  
Myron E Neiswender SP  
Bernard   Nelis I  
Elwood M Nelson C  
Harry T Nelson D  
Herbert S Nelson B  
John   Nelson L  
Earl   Nelton A  
Cecil G Nephew MG  
Raymond   Ness F  
Stanton K Nethery D  
George J Neuber G  
Charles M Nevin H  
Harry J Newak K  
Alexander E Newcott D  
Arthur   Newman HQ  
Carl L Newman H  
Garrison L Newman K  
Frederick G Neyhard F  
Henry L Neyhart E  
Grady M Nichols MG  
James L Nichols MD  
Raymond V Nicholson M  
Samuel   Nicholson A  
Harry   Nickels F  
Arthur C Nickle G  
John G Nieder I  
Wladyslaw   Niejadlik H  
Amos R Nields A  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot C Row 25 Grave 38 Died 30Sep1918  ★ 
William H Nields HQ  
Raymond   Nies HQ  
Edgar S Niewig K  
J Delbert Nipple G  
Ralph L Niven L  
David S Noble HQ  
Thomas L Noblet HQ  
William A Nolan K  
John H Noll C  
Charles B Nonnemacher I  
Fred D Nonnemacher D  
Robert D Nonnemacher D  
Joseph F Noonan C  
Alfred   Norconk HQ  
William E Norkunskie F  
Barnett   Norman G  
Thomas H Norman K  
Young Jr Normington MD  
James   Norris G  
Archie   Northrop E  
Charles C Northup A  
Frederick E Northup F  
Daniel L Norton F  
Walter G Norton H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot B Row 05 Grave 10 Died 05Nov1918  ★ 
Harold W Norwood L  
James R Notestine A  
Michael   Novak G  
Nicola   Novielli B  
William F Nowack F  
Wilfred F Nowell G  
Joseph P Nugent F  
William L Nunan M  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot H Row 06 Grave 11 Died 01Oct1918  ★ 
William H Nuss L  
George W Nye B  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot H Row 16 Grave 14 Died 02Nov1918  ★ 
Harry W Nystrom M