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First NameMiddleLast nameCompanyNotes
Francis J Oakes G  
William R Oakum B  
Samuel V Obdyke I  
Edward W Oberg E  
William   Oberlander MG  
Edward F O'Brien H  
Edward F O'Brien I  
James A O'Brien H  
Richard L O'Brien H  
Robert E O'Brien HQ  
William J O'Brien D  
John   Oclinskie M  
Edward D O'Connell I  
John A O'Connell G  
Michael F O'Connell G  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot E Row 27 Grave 30 Died 09Nov1918  ★ 
Charles A O'Conner A  
James P O'Conner M  ABMC spells last name as O'Connor
ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 20 Grave 35 Died 26Sep1918  ★ 
James P O'Conner M  (of Philadelphia, PA)
John J O'Conner B  
Robert W O'Conner E  
James P O'Donnell K  
John   O'Donnell A  
Leo   O'Donnell MG  
Patrick   O'Donnell M  
William J O'Donnell L  
William   O'Donnell B  
James J O'Donohoe H  
Stacey   Ogden D  
Aron R Ogren F  
Austin F O'Hare G  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot D Row 03 Grave 30 Died 11Nov1918  ★ 
Charles B Oldham H  ABMC: Buried at Meuse-Argonne Cemetery: Plot H Row 15 Grave 12 Died 10Nov1918  ★ 
Joseph   Olean H  
Patrick F O'Leary M  
Philip   Olev B  
Howard B Olewiler H  
Agostino   Oliva D  
James V Oliver F  
John T Oliver H  
Norris S Oliver I  
William K Oliver G  
William   Ollendorf E  
Harry   Olnig M  
John   Olshefsky G  
Arthur W Olson K  
Carl F Olson C  
Frederick B Olson K  
George F Olson SP  
John W Olson BAND  
Matthew F Olstein MD  KIA October 1, 1918
Charles J O'Malley A  
Leslie J O'Neal BAND  
James D O'Neil I  
James G O'Neil B  
John J O'Neil G  
Joseph I O'Neil HQ  
Michael J O'Neil H  
William A O'Neill D  
John W Opie D  
Orbie F Ore G  
Amerigo   Oreckinto M  
Joseph J Oris SP  
Dominick   Orlando MG  
Pasquale   Orlando SP  
William A Orner L  
David   Orr M  
Elijah E Osborn K  
Issac   Osherovitz B  
Thomas W Osman B  
Harrison G Ossman D  
Daniel A O'Sullivan G  
George F Oswald D  
Jesse D Otley A  Jesse Otley web page
Erich R Otter C  
Herman P L Otto L  
Philip   Ouelette C  
Edward A Ounan B  
William H Oury SF  
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Charles G Ouzts L  
Norman D Overcash BAND  
John T Owen I  
Vincent L Owen SF  
Charles J Owens E  
Clarence A Owens I  
Edward J Owens G  
Fred   Owens MG